Man Gets Eaten Live By Giant Anaconda



With the inevitable fall of ‘Honey Boo Boo’, reality television is looking to expand to more shocking and insane tactics to keep viewers glued to their television.   The latest idea for a reality television show is actually based in reality and makes the Hunger Games seem dangerously realistic.

Before getting into the show where the world will get to see a man ‘Eaten Alive’ by a giant anaconda, let’s do a little backstory.

About a year ago, news of a drunk man in India being eaten by a snake surfaced online.  The story details the man had a very nice meal full of savory scents and apparently when he passed out near a store after eating, an anaconda happened upon him and eat him whole.

From KMWT…



According to sources, around lunch time a group of passerbyes noticed a ‘strange rustling’ coming from a lot adjacent to a liquor store.  Upon inspection, they found a ball python with an obvious bulge in its body.  Store surveillance revealed that the man, whose identity has yet to be released, sat down on the side of the store after purchasing several handles of liquor.

Halfway through a bottle, the man seems to pass out and eventually, a python appears and immediately constricted and ate the man.  It was not until nearly 2 hours later that a small group of people passed the scene of incident and after seeing the snake, immediately called for help amid suspicions that it had eaten a person.  Only one long Kanga tennis shoe, thought to have belonged to the victim, was identifiable as probably having belonged to the man.

Surveillance footage showed that the giant python actually ate the liquor bottle, which the man firmly held onto in a likely state of rigor mortis.



The tragic story now behind us, it seems television networks think it is just too good an experience to capture live from start to finish.  And before we say that there is no way a station like the Discovery Channel would pull such a stunt, the documentary has already been filmed.  It will air December 7th, because nothing says holiday spirit more than watching a man slather himself with pig innards and offering himself to a giant anaconda.

For animal rights lovers out there, do not fret.  The show apparently went on without incident and the snake survived.  The man was outfitted with a special suit that prevented the snake’s stomach acid from digesting him.  Weird.  Here are the preview clips:

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

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