ISIS Destroys NASA’s Antares Rocket, Announces “Americans Allowed in Space No More”


ISIS is to blame for the recent destruction of NASA’s Antares Rocket.

Only moments ago, the world looked on as America reached for the heavens with the privately contracted Antares Rocket.  A joint $1.9 billion dollar project between NASA and a private company, the unmanned spacecraft was to deliver over 5,000 pounds of cargo to America’s International Space Station.

Proud of the launch, scientists invited those on America’s Eastern seaboard and look into the darkening night sky to watch the cargo shuttle streak from the confines of Earth and to the slightly visible International Space Station.  An online cam was setup and millions around the world watched in anticipation.

But there was one factor NASA scientists did not bet on:  ISIS.


6 seconds after lift-off, tragedy after the Antares Rocket suddenly blew up and destroyed much of the launch pad.  Even more tragically, this explosion destroyed faith in America’s ailing technological ability.  How many young, aspiring astronauts will be too scared to fly to space now since America cannot even retrofit Russian rockets to launch cargo to space in ideal conditions?


On October 27th, 2014, the Orbital Sciences Antares rocket was to launch from Wallops Island, Virginia.  Thousands of Americans gathered outside and looked skyward, while millions other watched from around the globe, to see the shuttle’s ascent in the clear night sky.  With proper equipment, it would be possible to see the shuttle hurtling toward the distant International Space Station.

As mission control neared completion on their countdown, with only seconds left, the order, “Abort!, Abort” was suddenly given.  The launch attempt had to be abandoned because a mysterious sailboat entered the ‘hazard zone’ area near the launch site.

When investigators rushed to survey the sailboat, it was found empty.  No occupants were found in the sailboat, but sources reveal ISIS symbology was etched into the woodwork of the boat.

After investigating the area, the teams decided to go forward with the launch.  Scientists confirm there were ‘no issues’ before today’s rescheduled launch, conditions were absolutely perfect and everyone involved had down a perfectly flawless job of insuring the rocket’s launch would be successful.

Yet, the rocket mysteriously exploded exactly 6 seconds after takeoff.  The explosion continued on for another 6 seconds.   This all took place at 6:00 pm.  Do you see these numbers?  666.  ISIS is declaring war on Jesus, America and Christianity.



Only one day ago, ISIS was able to put a man on the moon using retrofitted Russian technology and likely stolen US technology.  It is no coincidence that only one day after this information was leaked, that NASA is suffering such a severe setback.  Russian could only be joyful after America’s Challenger tragedy and it is guaranteed the Putin, ISIS commanders and all of America’s enemies are trying to weaken our resolve to dominate space.

America cannot let these terror nations gain space superiority.  This incident proves one thing:  America cannot trust ISIS, it cannot trust dilapidated Russian rockets and it cannot trust Barack Hussein Obama.

America must impeach Obama and give NASA military level funding.  NASA should become seen as a military-scientific joint project, where America assures its future domination of peace by mastering space based weaponry and colonizing all other planets, moons and objects in this solar system that can sustain and colony and produce natural resources to bolster America’s economy and strength.

America must make it impossible for other nations to fly into space without our permission, and definitely not fall for the ol’ “row a sailboat across the ocean and into enemy territory, then secretly place C4 packets on their prize cargo shuttle to destroy their faith in themselves’ that ISIS has pulled on is.  This is B-list villain scheming, yet America has been bested by it namely because Barack Obama is not looking out for our nation.

President Bush would have ordered armed guards protect the rocket and would have already declared war on ISIS, so right now an American shuttle would be delivering its cargo to the International Space Station.

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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