ISIS Lands Astronaut On The Moon

isis man on the moon

In the photograph above, the worst of America’s fears is realized.  ISIS terrorists have landed a man on the moon.

Only hours ago ISIS updated their Twitter newsfeed with the harrowing image.  We can see in the foreground of the photograph an ISIS terrorist posing for a camera, the ISIS standard flying to his left side.  In the background, we can see the terrorists have managed to get their hands on a moon rover.

{adinserter 2}It is a sad, sick shame that Barack Obama is not bombing ISIS before it’s too late.  While Democrats are failing to take ISIS as a serious threat, let us not forget that China was once a weak nation that could only look on without hope as Japan mercilessly ravaged their people and land.

Today, China is the world’s most powerful economy and second most powerful military, thanks to Obama.  With all the oil in the Middle East guaranteeing them billions of dollars and their ability to ‘magically’ get their hands on US military weapons and airplanes, and now even our supposedly retired space shuttle and historic ReaganBush-era moom rovers, it’s only a matter of time before ISIS announces they have nuclear weapons.

Enough is enough.  We must impeach Obama today and toss him in jail, along with Joe Biden.  Speaker of the House John Boehner must hold office until we can ensure we vote a pro-American president into office in 2016.  ISIS is walking around on the moon as we speak, looking down on the Earth and plotting on how they will reign down destruction on America.

NASA deep telemetry shows a shuttle-shaped object cresting around the moon. Only hours later, ISIS began to update its Twitter feed with images of their soldiers standing in 80s-era astronaut suits, surveying the moon and looking down upon Earth.

NASA released the shocking image above earlier today, where it appears one of the supposedly ‘shuttered’ space shuttles is clearly seen cresting around the surface of the moon.  The deep telemetry scan should be impossible, since Obama announced the retirement of NASA’s space shuttle fleet.  But apparently ISIS got their hands on one of the shuttles, showing again that someone is clearly shipping America’s old military gear to ISIS.

This troubling news comes only a week after ISIS pilots were seen flying formerly advanced United States fighter jets that are supposed to be classified and shuttered as of 2010.

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Did ISIS pick this very day to land on the moon, on purpose?


Of course.  Look at the crescent shape of the moon to the right, the symbol of America’s doom.   On that moon shape right marches ISIS, celebrating their entry into the space race on the very symbol of the Persian Empire.  They are sending us a message and that message is, “We must break Jesus and America.”

My friends, these are truly the end days.  If you were to go back in time and tell any member of the Inquisition or one of the great Christian kings of old that the terrorist threat from the Orient, indeed the very freedom-hating Sons of Xerxes, would one day ride upon fire-driven chariots into the night sky to only land on the ‘second great light of the heavens’ and lord over us from above, laughing and praying five times a day, you would have given them reason to faint and become weak of the heart.

Then if you told them the Sons of Xerxes were able to do this because the greatest Christian nation allowed a Son of Xerxes named Barack Obama to take office and likely give ISIS the technology to do so, or at secretly least aide the Russians in helping ISIS do this, they would openly weep and wonder if they were wrong all along.  Could it be that the Sons of Christ and the Christian Church will eventually fall to the Persians?

Only time will tell.  This is all the proof we need to know that in 2016, America MUST elect a true Christian president, so that Obama’s plans to destroy Jesus and reign in an age of Liberal Darkness will not take fruition.  It is going to be tough to do this feat, now that ISIS has gained space superiority.

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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