Hospital Employees Threatened With Termination If Use The World ‘EBOLA’

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Obama is now ordering all healthcare workers to be ‘fired’ if they acknowledge Ebola virus.

Obama has issued an executive order:  effectively immediately, any hospital must fire their employees if they use the word ‘Ebola’.

This shocking news and interview with a hospital employee who tried to screen a patient for Ebola, and then was fired for not saying ‘viral illness’ instead, is covered in detail on

Why would Barack Obama do this?

It is quite simple.  Obama only has two years left to make his power play in America.

Since he usurped office, Obama has weakened America’s credit rating from a sterling white AAA to a very black AA.

Though that is not necessarily surprising given statistical expectations, it’s shocking that an American president would dare allow ISIS build up power and create a terrorist empire in the crucially oil rich Holy Lands that should truly belong to America and Israel.

Then Obama has overseen the successful spread of gay marriage, the weakening of America’s military and nuclear family, forcing children to ‘pledge allegiance to Allah’ and allowing researchers to use embryonic stem cells to cure diabetes.  How sinister!

But now all of that was not good enough for Eboma.  Nay!  The Kenyan masquerader has pulled off his greatest duplicitous scheme by destroying America from the inside.  No matter how strong how Military Industrial Complex may be, there is nothing we can do if we are all dying from Ebola within.  All the terrorists have to do is wait at our doorsteps for us all to be too weak to put up a fight.

My friends, it is time for prayer.  The one freedom Obama cannot take away from us is prayer.  If Ebola spreads, he will try to sneak the 666 marker into your bloodstream when you go get the cure.  And trust, there is a cure for Ebola.  Obama would not let it get so close to him unless his health was assured.

The vaccination for Ebola will allow Obama to put the 666 marker in your bloodstream, which also can communicate if your body is praying to God at any point.  These are the truths of Revelation and Obama is truly playing his role in an age where leaders seek to destroy Jesus, so they may reign in a new age of liberal darkness.

What do you think?

Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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