Image of Secret X-37B Leaked Online, Shows Obama Looking Over High Tech Space Vehicle


The first image of NASA’s secretive X-37B spacecraft has been leaked online by an anonymous source in Washington.  The image shows President Obama looking over the control panels of the spacecraft.  Telemetry data appears on the monitors and one monitor reveals deep space scans, indicating the craft is able to use advanced telescoping imaging.

The surprisingly futuristic craft still has little to no detail about its purpose or abilities.  In early July, Russian spies warned the Kremlin and national Russian media that NASA had outfitted one of its ‘secret spacecrafts with a new engine that can travel far faster than any eye can see’.  Russians later confirmed that the engine is likely a precursor to an eventual engine that is able to ‘bend time and space, to cover great distances in a very short amount of timed units’.

{adinserter 2}Advanced robotic intelligence and communication:  NASA’s scientists have programmed the X-37B to have advanced ‘problem solving algorithms’, enabling the vehicle to fly through space and explore for over 600 days without any human intervention. 


The spacecraft flew undetected in space for over two years.  China and Russia could do nothing about it nor find it.  The most advanced scientists and amateur space watchers could not track the craft.  It is blind to the naked eye until Obama gives the order for to it come home.

There are rumors that the craft will be able to deliver nuclear weapons and has a complex LASER system to defend itself from any debris, enemy spacecraft and missiles.

This space weapon is just another tool designed to let Obama keep control of this country.  We cannot allow Obama to cast America into a space arms race.  A ship with a bridge like this is clearly meant for war:  the commander’s chair is where Obama would love to sit, zipping in and raining death from above upon the heads of those who dare oppose him.


What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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  1. I cannot believe that Obola would allow a vessel to traverse the universe and explore new places. How man is so pitiful before the eyes of our glorious Lord and Savior. I hope that God smites that evil devil in our holy office!

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