Frustrated God Casts Tornado At Rainbow To Show Disapproval of Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling


Only several weeks ago, the Supreme Court of the United States betrayed God, Jesus and the Founding Fathers by allowing gays a loophole to get married in every state.

Since God is awesome, kind and actually likes gay people, he did not cast a smite upon them but he did angrily throw a tornado at a rainbow, just to let us know that he doesn’t approve of the gay culture and lifestyle.

This amazing nature footage has circulated through social media and is showing God’s wrathful frustration that the gays just cannot be happy without destroying traditional marriage and causing all sorts of awkward social situations.

“Mommy, why does Billy have two dads?” Is a question every Christian parent must now fear their son will ask. “Daddy, is Billy’s daddy just fat or does he have a baby in his belly?”

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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