What Would The World Look Like If All Christians Suddenly Disappeared to Heaven?


Obama dreams of a day when Christians are forced to hide in fear, slinking away into dark sewers because they are being persecuted and tortured by armies of Liberal Darkness on the surface.

It is the ultimate dream of Obama to destroy Jesus and watch America usher in a Satanic Renaissance:  gay marriage, gothic power chord orgies, welfare, vampires running amuck and sodomy everywhere.

My friends and good readers, this may sound like a terrible future to you and you may pray it will not happen.  But I am sorry to tell you, it is going to happen.  FOR IT IS WRITTEN in Revelation.

Much like Satan, liberals are likely jumping with joy to know Satan will get to reign on Earth for 1,000 years.  Christians will entirely disappear.  Indeed, there will be a time when Christians leave the Earth and allow the liberals to have a utopia.  Obama is doing the damndest to see this prophesy fulfilled in his lifetime.

Behold, your world without Jesus and Christians:

1)  Prayers Will Disappear

Everyone knows that Christian prayer is what keeps the world at peace.  There is a good reason America was able to destroy Nazi Germany, defeat communism, put a man on the moon, unify Europe, destroy terrorist dictators and prevent any other country from using a nuclear weapon on another country.  Because we are a Christian nation who prays very hard for these things to happen.

Now notice, we have had the most trouble since Obama has taken office.  This is because Obama is not a Christian at all, indeed, he does not like to pray to God.

But those are all big things that you know.  Think about the little things.  If Christians aren’t praying, then how will we get those fun miracles in life?13775411

There is no way the KC Royals should be in the world series.  They are the Bad News Bears of baseball.  Any year the mighty Yankees are linking the wounds while the Royals are knocking out homers, thrilling crowds by winning games in extra innings and having slowfoot Billy Butler move with the speed of Mercury to steal a base, you know it has to be because Kansas City has prayer booths.

Prayer booths will quickly be torn down by Obama’s footsoldiers.

Can you tolerate to live in a world where the best teams with huge economic markets thrive and cow-town puddle teams like the Royals falter?

2.  Nuclear War, Underground Flesh Parties and Carnality

Without Christians to keep the peace, it will only take twenty years for nuclear war to break out.  What is left of humanity will want to pray to God to end the madness, but Satan will only laugh and tell them ‘Where is your God now?!”

He will enjoy the heats of nuclear winter and the remaining humans will be forced to live underground.

Obama will likely be given eternal life, ruling over the riotous, orgy prone group of humans.  Obama’s rule will only be second to that of Satan, who will be busy scrounging around for leftover weapons on Earth so he can try his little ‘coup d’etat’ against God.


Representation of “Lord Obama” ruling over the remainder of humans who did not go to heaven.






What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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