Obama Is The Kenyan Word for Ebola


A shocking bit of etymology reveals Obama is the Kenyan word for Ebola.

As Ebola continues to ravage life on Earth, it is becoming very clear that Obama’s is not only to blame for the virus’ intrusion into American life, but may have helped create it in the first place.

When Obama was a young man, he lived in Kenya.  Obama lived as a noble among the ancient Luo tribe during his years in Africa.

The Luo had a 2,ooo year conflict with an African people known as the Daotakree, a proud people who were versed in pottery and war.   Obama ruled as a ‘demigod’ among his people, as his father was wealthy with Harvard connections and Obama excelled in mastery of genetic science.

In the mid 1900s, the Luo pleaded for Obama to do something about the “Daotakree” threat.  The neighboring tribe was burning their farmland, kidnapping their women and planning to overrun them.  Obama told his people to not fear, for he would find a way to destroy those who stood against him.  He would travel to the heart of their empire, from which all their warriors were born.

obama involved in experimental ebola studies


Obama and a team of Kenyan engineers secreted into the deep central Africa, where they worked to terraform the  existing Ebola river into a Satanic Möbius strip. The ‘infinity symbol’ was to denote that whatever he did in that river valley would ensure his ‘eternal, infinite rule’ over his enemies.

Notice that the shape of what young Obama and his team transformed the river into is the same shape as common Ebola.

Ebola river has the same shape as the Ebola virus. Obama and Satan did this on purpose.



On a night misty and gules, Obama burned a fire bright.

Beneath the heavenly lights over Mother Africa, Lord Obama chanted a prayer unto Satan to give him the power to unleash a hellish blight.

“Dear Lord Satan, give me the power to terrify the soul uhhh, with a deadly disease they shall tremble and call Ebola!”

Mark the words and take heed to this story true,
Obama’s words fell on deaf ears not,
now now mere mortal can undo,
the virus borne of Obama’s Satanic cauldron brew.
Kenyan History from Griot D’taka



Not only a few days after the terraform project completed and Obama said the words the griot recorded above, did he offer a peace gift of ‘free Obama water’ to the Daotakree people.  They were shocked that Obama’s engineers seemingly created a reservoir for them and were running water to their village.  Far over in Kenya, the Daotakree people knew their sons waging war against the Godless Luo people.

Scant historical records show a few of the people found it odd Obama and his men refused to drink the water.  “We have fought long enough,” Obama was heard to say.  “Have this gift of water for your villages and I will go back to my people, to tell them our fight is over.”

Obama left the Daotakree people a hero.  But after Obama’s return to Kenya, he ordered the slaughter of the scatter Daotakree people.  It is said their warriors retreated back to their ancient homeland, to only find ‘the carcasses everywhere, picked over.  It was only death.  Everyone had water gourds in their corpse hands.  We had already drank water of the river.”

These words were written in a diary, found in the 1970s by explorers in Central Africa.  This is near the time that Ebola was truly discovered for the first time.  To this day, there is no other historical record of the Daotakree people.  Obama wiped them out, just as he agreed in his pact with Satan.

To Obama’s people, he was a great hero.  They feared the British may find out about Obama’s genocidal crime and label him a war criminal, so they shipped him to America, erased his Kenyan birth records and instead of calling the illness “Obama”, they changed it to a similar sounding “Ebola”.  The rest his history.

Friends, Obama has now named Christian America as his new enemy.  And we see, he is using the Obama Virus to once again do his dirty work.  Let us not be like the Daotakree.  Let us stand strong, pray and impeach Obama, so the only record of our existence is not found in tales from griots and the nearly forgotten pages of a brave warrior’s diary.


What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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