The Right Mix of Prayer and Holy Water Can Cure Ebola

If Sarah Palin were president, Americans would have CDC prayer teams unleashing powerful prayers at Ebola quarantine sites, near instantly curing the afflicted of their terrible diseases and other ailments too.

It is a sad shame to watch the world fall to the deadly Ebola virus.  The last time such a deadly outbreak took place was The Dark Age, a Christianless time of wanton atheist carnality and sensuality devoid Jesus, morality and America.

But now we are in the modern era, a time when we can see the very virus that is killing us via the power of telescopes.  And yet, we see that thousands of people are falling to Ebola and the disease is now ravaging the bodies of Americans.

Why is this all happening?

The answer is quite simple.  The world is living in a new age of Liberal Darkness, an age where it is ‘cool and hip’ to hop on Facebook destroy Jesus with nasty memes and words, to persecute Christians and to ban prayer in places like hospitals, schools and government buildings.

America cannot fight off Ebola effectively because we are not using our best weapons in the fight.  As you can see, you can throw all of man’s best inventions at Ebola:  high-end experimental drugs, the lastest electrolytes, protective Hazmat suits, armed troops and quarantine procedures.  But that is all not enough, because there is one element that’s not being used by Obama’s Godless administration.


Why has Barack Obama not lead the nation in a public prayer against Ebola?  If President Bush were still in office, or if Sarah Palin was president, we would have a daily public prayer for all the people suffering in Africa and the two brave nurses who now sit isolated in quarantine, left to pray all by themselves and their families that they get better.

Just imagine if we had a US president who had faith?  Faith healing is a real thing, folks, and I know that with just the right combination of priests, ministers, holy water and millions of good-hearted Americans praying to God, lead by the President of the United States, to cure this Ebola, it would send a big message to heaven and hell.

God would think, “These Americans are surely a Christian nation.  I shall cure their Ebola.”

Satan would know that he cannot smuggle Ebola into this great nation from some third world hellhole, for he will only have torrents of prayer unleashed upon him.  He’d have to go try his luck in China or Russia, where they are just as likely to burn a person alive than risk trying to heal them with prayer.

If Barack Ebola is a decent person, mark my words.  He will immediately fire all CDC leadership for incompetence.  How are nurses not given Hazmat suits when they announce they have an Ebola patient at their hospital?  How are nurses who were in direct care of an Ebola patient allowed to get on a flight?

We need responsible, sensible and Godly people in office.  We need pastors and priests, men who are no stranger to holy water and prayer.  If you give an Ebola patient blessed holy water to drink, you can stop projectile vomiting and diarrhea.  If you give an Ebola patient prayer, you can cure their body and soul.

And for those who do not agree, just ask yourself this:  have you tried praying for the Ebola victims.  Have you seen the president try praying for them with the rest of the nation.  Your answer to that question is ‘no’, so you have no idea of if this will work, do you.

For those of us who have faith, we already know we are right.  Let us kick Obama out of office and place a true Christian leader in this place.  We are seeing now why America must always have a Christian leader, because at the end of the day, we are nothing but a third-world nation without the power of Prayer, Oil and God.

-Annie Mae

“Ebola can be cured.  We just need to make Dr. Prayer the chief physician on the case.”

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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