Student’s Picture of Michelle Obama’s “School Lunch” Sparks Outrage, No Better Than “Feed The Children in Africa Eat Better Than American Children”

Chickasha-lunch (1)

Bologna, two packs of wheat crackers, a small chunk slice of government cheese, two pieces of cauliflower and some low fat ranch dressing. This menu is being forced into elementary schools in America.

CHICKASHA, OK – For just ten cents a day, you can feed a hungry child in Africa a meal that is 100 times better than the pile of scraps that you see to the right.

People nationwide are furious after seeing this picture taken by a student named Kaytlin Shelton.  Shelton and classmates at Chickasha Public Schools are being forced, by Michelle Obama, to deal with this joke of a meal as part of their ‘healthy lunch’ program.

When I think of people in Oklahoma, I think of good, hearty Americans who look like Royals star Billy Butler.  Words like ‘country breakfast’ and ‘steak and potatoes’ are words you associate with good home cookin’ in Oklahoma, and the last time I checked, there are plenty of healthy, strapping adults in that state.

So why the heck are the good people of Oklahoma being subjected to this nonsense?

The meal is being forced onto students by none other than Michelle Obama.  She hijacked the USDA and is forcing public schools to obey her ridiculous ‘low calorie’ lunch demands.

“You’ve got in some cases little kids that their only two meals are breakfast and lunch at school and they’re getting you know a grand total of 1100 calories. That’s not enough,” David Cash, superintendent of the district’s school reports.

I find it ironic that Michelle Obama is doing her best to starve our schoolchildren, when she’s packing it like this:


I can tell you right now, that backside was not born of meals of cauliflower and dandelion sprinkles.

Michelle Obama and her family are eating fried foods, starving the rest of America.  They are starving the bodies of our children of food, they are starving America of Christian leadership and they are starving the world of its savior.

My friends, it is sad that the three children I’ve adopted in Africa are eating better than America’s schoolchildren.  This lunch scandal is more proof that the Obama’s are delusional, power-mad and anti-American.  How long before we impeach this entire family?

Do they have to starve your family before you say “Enough is enough”?

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