Obama Forces School Children To Say “One Nation Under Allah” During Pledge of Allegiance

young obama in sis
Undated photograph blatantly shows young Obama posing next to an ISIS flag. This is around the same age Obama was seen doing ‘science experiments’ near the water of the Ebola River.

More horrible news to report from the state of Colorado.  It seems that Barack Hussein Obama is up to his old tricks again, this time forcing school children to say “One Nation Under Allah” during the pledge of allegiance.

It is obvious by now that Obama is working with ISIS to destroy America so he can destroy Jesus and reign in a new age of Liberal Darkness.

He’s trying to train our school children to grow up saying the ISIS pledge of allegiance, so by the time they are adults it will seem normal to them to live in a pseudoreligious nation that terrorizes other nations with unjustified warfare, unjustified killings and even forces its own women to live as second class citizens.

The Democrats have tried to take prayer out of our schools.  They fantasize of ways to convince America that it was not made as a Christian nation.

Did you know District of Columbia means “District of Christ’s Dove” when you translate it?  The founding father wanted the Holy Spirit to be the capital of America, but Obama is doing his best to destroy our Christian legacy.

Take a good look at this picture:

obama civil war ii

Wake up, people.  Obama is plotting our demise.  It was warned that Obama is destroying Jesus, so he can reign in a new age of Liberal Darkness.  Now we can see all the proof we need.

{adinserter 1}Obama’s Holy War Against America’s Christians

So it came to pass in those days, in the year of our Lord 2014, that a dark-souled man Barack Hussein Obama ruled over God’s last stronghold in the world:  America.

Obama sought to destroy Jesus and rule in a new age of Liberal Darkness.  Indeed, Obama weakened the resolve of Christians so that the sanctity of marriage between man and a woman would be forever destroyed.  In these days, let it be known, that a man could lay in sin with another man, and a woman could enjoy sin with another woman.

You see, Americans were warned that Barack Hussein Obama was not American.  Even with Iraqi terror written for his middle name, Barack HUSSEIN Obama convinced over 50% of America that he did not have an evil agenda.

Now it is common knowledge that Obama grew up in Kenya.  But did you know that as a child, Obama was a supergenius?  The son of two Harvard parents, Obama possessed an ‘intellect far beyond his years’ and he had a key knack for genetics.  Young Obama was particularly interested in working with viruses and as a young child, traveled to the Ebola River Valley from Kenya to work with a team of microbiologists near…the Ebola River.



Two years later, we see Obama posed next to an ISIS flag for his senior pictures.

Only several decades later, somehow an unknown African scientist, community organizer and imposter American becomes a senator of Illinois, who then becomes President of the United States and then, to become the harbinger of America’s Armageddon.

Wake up, people.  Obama’s agenda is right before our eye.  He is a veil wolf is sheep’s skin, devouring our freedom.

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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