TEXAS: Second Person Tests Positive for Ebola


DALLAS (BANM) – Yet another hospital healthcare worker has tested positive for Ebola.  Officials from Dallas confirm that the health care worker was placed in isolation within 90 minutes of taking her temperature.

Today’s case marks the third Ebola identified in America.  Thomas Eric Duncan, who contracted the disease in Western Africa, was patient zero.  He died shortly after his arrival to America, where he was confirmed to have Ebola and died at Texas Presbyterian Hospital.

Only days ago, one staff RN at this hospital, Nina Pham, who cared for Duncan was found to have Ebola.  Pham, a talented 26-year-old nurse who friends and family describe as having a heart of compassion for her profession, was the first American diagnosed with Ebola on American soil.

Now today, yet another victim.  This medical professional also was in direct care of Thomas Eric Duncan.  With two highly skilled healthcare workers falling ill from the disease, it goes to show just how contagious and easily passed it is.  If it can pass to nurses in a controlled hospital environment, then how easily is this virus spread if an infectious person is walking through Wal-mart, coughing down aisles and touching fresh produce with Ebola-covered hands?

The general public has a major pandemic on its hands if Ebola is not isolated and contained in Texas and laws are not enacted to ensure, at least for the next few months, that no one who may have Ebola is not allowed to freely enter this country without a ‘detainment’ period that exceeds the virus’ incubation period.

Texas officials have not released the name of the second healthcare worker at the time of this report.

What do you think?

Written by Daniel Bergstein

Investigative reporter and proud defender of a freely unbiased liberal media.


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