Ferguson Police Quarantine All “African”-Americans on West Side of Town for Ebola

English: A view of the Centers for Disease Con...
English: A view of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A spokesman for the Ferguson police confirmed that any African-American found ‘wandering around’ the west side of Ferguson is subject to enforced quarantine.

“You heard it from the CDC themselves.  Hospitals and police have been told to quarantine all West Africans who look sick and I can tell you what, there are plenty of African looking people in the west side of Ferguson.”

Civil rights leaders are accusing Ferguson of abusing the law and finding another loophole to harass African-Americans who continue to protest the potentially unlawful shooting death of Michael Brown.

“This is typical of the Ferguson police department.  They are just trying to find another way to jail black people in their own homes,” an angry Sharpton reported on the issue.

The matter is expected to be scrutinized in the coming week.

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Written by Abe Goodman

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