Pet Dogs Running Wild With Ebola Rabies, African Villages on High Alert

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Monrovia, Liberia – Startling new reports and images from Africa show Ebola ravaged villages are now being overran by packs of once pet dogs, rabid with Ebola.

The latest mutation of Ebola apparently allows the deadly virus to transfer from humans to pet animals.  In Liberia, where dogs live in close proxy to humans and have been seen near the flesh of the deceased Ebola victims, locals report a high incidence of vicious dogs running down humans, cars and even wild animals and trying to tear them apart, as seen in the image up above.

{adinserter bigsky}To date there have been numerous instances of Liberians angrily calling out to officials from the World Health Organization and their own government.  It is impossible to safely approach the deceased corpse of an Ebola victim without proper training and equipment, without serious risk of becoming infected yourself.  Thus, in Liberia, the citizens are not able to remove bodies of dead Ebola victims from the streets.

This leaves these victims out to the wild, where pet dogs have been seen consuming their remains.   Now the virus has mutated and dogs are carrying Ebola.  These dogs are wild and vicious, literally tearing apart everything in their site and they have a ‘pack’ mentality, a roving force of canines who are not satiated by anything other than human flesh.

The most concerning aspect of this news is that it means dogs can catch this strain of Ebola, meaning that within three months we may see the same mutation taking place in America.

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Written by Abe Goodman

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