Are Gays To Blame for the Latest Ebola Outbreak?

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ear Annabelle,

Me and my home serve the Lord!  I am very worried about this Ebola outbreak going on and wonder if you can shed some light on it.  Now down in my spirit, I feel that gays are to blame for Ebola.  I think it may have started as an STD and is mutating into something we can now all catch.  I say this because Ebola is transferred from body fluids and that is the case with almost all STDs.

Now over in Africa, I heard in the news their kings and presidents have been fighting armies of gays in each country.  Notice that is ground zero for Ebola, where gay STDs are known to have the highest rates.  And if it is not from a gay virus, could Ebola simply be a punishment from God for America allowing gay marriage?


Concerned Mom in Missouri

Concerned Christian Mother,

I am very happy to hear that you have a moral home and household.  One must wonder about the timing of this Ebola outbreak.  This week, the Supreme Court voted to not shut down gay marriage once and for all.  Instead, they have created a loophole so gay couples in each state can manipulate the law, ignore the desires of marriage purists and have their gay marriages.

The Bible makes it very clear that man is not supposed to lay with man, and one would assume, that the consummation of marriage involves ‘laying’ your spouse.  If that is the case, gay marriage can never be consummated and if it does it violated Biblical edict, which would make the offending couple, community and country subject to all sorts of punishment.

Is Ebola once of those punishments?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Ebola can definitely be classified as a gay-STD.  It can be transmitted by two gay people in coitus with one another, fitting that definition.

Be well!

– Annabelle


– Hi Annabelle,

My sister in Colorado recently told me she smokes marijuana.  She says it helped her overcome nausea she experienced and is helping her maintain a healthy weight.  I think she is a drug addict and is in denial.  She also claims that it is not harmful to the lungs and that it is far safer than alcohol or cigarettes, she even invited me to come ‘smoke a bowl’ with her the next time I see her.  My family usually goes to visit her during skiing season, but I am afraid to have her around my sons.  She may try to get them addicted to marijuana.   Am I wrong for thinking she is a violent drug addict who should be cut off from our family?

Heart-torn Sibling in Texas

Dear Texas Sibling,

The next time you see your sister or talk to her on the phone, do one simple test.  Ask her, “Do you know you are a drug addict.  If you don’t cut out your marijuana smoking, I am going to make damned sure the entire family disowns you”.

If her initial response is offense or she gets upset with you, that is all the proof you need.  She is a drug addict.

Drug users are often in denial and are all too happy to cut off all family ties.  So even if she says ‘whatever’, she is showing the signs of a druggie and you are doing the right thing by coming your sons from their marijuana-addicted auntie.

You have to remember, she is not the same person you grew up with at all.  Marijuana warps the dopamine-pleasure center of the brain, especially for women  There is a good reason why the majority of the few women who smoke marijuana end up with STDs:  it increases libido to unnatural levels, causes one to have ‘ecstasy’ like sensations and it is addictive.  The users can never get enough.

Also, please show your sister this infographic.  Marijuana actually damages the lungs faster than cigarettes.




What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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  1. Your “Infographic” has no connection to fact, no proof! Please attempt to be informed before publishing to keep your integrity as a responsible Christian.

  2. Jesus died for all our sins, even the gays. let the man who has not sin throw the first stone. not one of us has not sinned, who are we to condemn anyone for we do not have the power or the wisdom of Jesus Christ.

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