America’s Ebola Outbreak is Obama’s Latest Scheme To Force Americans to Sign-up For Obamacare

ebola obama

We all know Obama is a  dishonest crook a liar, a radical liberal hellbent on destroying America’s heritage as a Christian nation with manifest destiny to spread the Good Word and American lifestyle to all the lesser countries of the world.

So it should actually come as no surprise that Obama is using the Ebola virus to infect Christians, and other poor minorities, to force people to sign up for Obamacare out of desperation and fear.

Obama’s plan is a devious two-pronged attack.  First, infect Christians.  Notice that the majority of Europeans and Americans being infected with Ebola are Christians.  These are people who have great jobs and are likely Republicans, that is to say, those who stand against communist schemes like Obamacare.

Barack Hussein Obama knows that if he infects scores of Christians with Ebola, he can put us at his mercy.  In this way, he can make millions of Christians desperate to stop the spread of Ebola and to do whatever it takes to make sure it does not spread to others.

That is where we are right now, where states that have stood strong against Obamacare are scared and are on high alert.  These states have millions of people uninsured, without Obamacare to fall back on.  What happens when Ebola starts to infect people who have no health insurance?

These people will not go to the Emergency Room with just the symptoms of diarrhea and fever, because an ER visit would cost them several thousand dollars out of pocket.  These people cannot walk into a doctor’s office, because they have no insurance.

Instead, millions of Americans this winter will go and buy over-the-counter drugs.  They will buy these drugs, hoping to cover-up their Ebola symptoms.  It may work for a few days, they will go out and shop at Wal-mart or lurk around a restaurant, coughing their Ebola all over the place.  These untreated Americans will stay away from medical care as long as possible, until their symptoms start to feel deadly to them.

If thousands of people without insurance start falling to Ebola, there will be no way to treat them until it is too late.  And even then, hospitals will have to admit these people into ICU care, costing millions of dollars per patient.   Why do you think Texas Presbyterian Hospital discharged the first Ebola patient?

Did he have health insurance, or was he a private pay patient?

What we saw in Dallas is only the tip of the iceberg and Obama knows this fact will become more apparent.  Governors like Sam Brownback of Kansas, who has stood tall and proud against Obamcare, will have a hell of a breakout in their moral state because they have millions of people without insurance.  If Ebola reaches Kansas, these people just may hesitate to seek medical care since they have no way to pay for it.

And when they finally have symptoms where they feel no other choice but to go to the Emergency Room, Obama will have his checkmate.  We will be forced to give Obamacare to all these people all across the nation.

And that is how Obama’s Ebola scheme is twisting our logic to demand Obamacare for every person, so uninsured people will immediately seek medical attention if they have potential Ebola symptoms.

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