First US Ebola Patient Dies, Dallas Sheriff’s Deputy Now “Showing Symptoms”

Thomas Eric DuncanDallas, Texas – Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States, has died from the deadly Ebola virus.

Officials confirmed that Duncan died and that his remains are actually still contagious.   People who cohabited with Duncan are still in quarantine and have no other reported symptoms.

These people will be monitored for a total of 21 days.   21 days is the maximum incubation period for the deadly virus which in this outbreak, has a killing rate in humans of over 50%.

After entering the United States, Duncan went to a medical facility to be screened for illness.  He came from a known Ebola-infested country and allegedly told hospital officials this fact.  Despite knowing that Duncan was from Liberia and that he was experiencing symptoms indicative of Ebola, the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital apparently discharged Duncan.

{adinserter 2}Duncan returned again, to only be sent home, and then after a third visit to the hospital was admitted and found to have Ebola.  According to Dr. Phil Smith of the Nebraska Medical Center’s biocontainment center, early treatment is vital for any possible recovery from Ebola.

While the United States has had success with treating several Ebola patients, it is pertinent they receive treatment before kidney and respiratory function is severely compromised.  If there is need of dialysis or respiratory help for a patient, life-saving treatment is less effective.

Duncan arrived to the United States on September 20th with no symptoms.  Over the course of 18 days, he developed symptoms and died.  His remains are still very highly contagious, which will result in Duncan’s body being cremated.

48 people may have had contact with Duncan while he was contagious.  These people have been contacted, identified and are being monitored.  Those who lived with Duncan are in a undisclosed location, being treated and remaining in isolation.

A sheriff’s deputy who had contact with Duncan is now showing possible Ebola symptoms.


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Written by Daniel Bergstein

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