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Dead Ebola Patients Are Rising From The Dead

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    Posted September 25, 2014 by Abe Goodman in Science/Tech

    ebola patient raises from dead

     World Health Organization staff and residents of Ganta fled in absolute shock and horror after two people who died from Ebola suddenly ‘rose and walked’ around in the village.  Local reports are resulting in a larger investigation.


    Isaiah 26:19-20

    19 Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise.


    Ganta, Liberia – The first reports of the dead resurrecting and rising from the dead are coming in from Liberia, Africa.  In the city of Ganta, residents are on high alert after patients who died from Ebola were seen ‘suddenly standing and wandering aimless about, eyes distant and groans chilling.”

    Two Ebola patients, who grew up in the very prosperous Nimba County, resurrected in front of their families.  Reports put the age of the Ebola victims at being ‘in their 60s and 40s’.   A funeral ritual was taking place in the Hope Village Community, a tight-night Catholic enclave in Ganta.

    Residents were soon amazed, shocked and thrown into a riotous scene of chaotic terror when the deceased regained their life.  Both of the victims came to life only minutes before their bodies were to be taken away for burial.

    Kansas Governor Sam Brownback made a very concerning move earlier today, putting the state on “high alert” after hearing this news.  Kansas is on alert for potential outbreaks of Ebola and those rising from the dead after succumbing to death from it.   Reports from Africa report that two WHO workers who were bitten by one of the zombies, and now those workers have Ebola.  Several other countries in Africa also confirm scattered, repeated cases of WHO workers being attacked by families and unknown individuals, though there are more reports of some of these workers being ‘bitten’ by family members who ‘do not appear fully cognizant’.

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      gabriel farah

      The zombie looks like Danny Glover

      Tony Dupont

      Bloody oath, this is actually terrifying and now it makes sense why Obama is sending 3,000 troops there to Africa. I personally thought it was weird that you’d send so many troops to ‘fight’ Ebola, but holy crap. Now I’m wondering if the US is not sending any troops to fight ISIS in Iraq just in case this thing gets even bigger. The World Health Organization estimates that by the end of next year, over 500,000 people could be infected. This is dizzying I cannot believe this is happening.

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