iPhone 6 Tricks Army of Frogs Into Fighting Each Other over HD Worms Playing on Screen


The iPhone 6 is selling strong on the market and a new video shows that not even frogs can resist lining up and clamoring over each other to get a feel of it.

In the video, the iPhone’s video quality is so crisp and clear as it plays a looped video of worms crawling about. Word of the large, delicious looking worms apparently spread in the frog community and just like many humans outside Apple stores on the iPhone 6’s opening day, the frogs anxiously queued up to get a look at Apple’s latest product.

We can see they keep jumping into the phone’s protective glass, much like Apple fans were reportedly doing as they kept trying to enter stores before opening times.

What do you think?

Written by Pete McAlister

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The next time your ego gets to big, eat some T-bell and feel civilized as you are cleaning your backside an hour later!

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