Breaking: Proof Scottish Independence Vote Was Rigged

BREAKING:  A new video appears and shows a female vote counter placing “Yes” votes in the “No” pile at a Scottish polling station.

Scottish citizens are furious today after similar reports were reported from all across Scotland.  People spoke of seeing their paper vote ballots, “not counted and near instantly trashed as I walked away from the table”, one male voter reported.  Another stated, “I heard two of the vote counters laughing as they filed away a stack of “Yes” votes into the “No” pile, with one of them saying, “Today, Yes means No!”

And perhaps that was an appropriate thing to say, because if these accusations are all true then the democratic process in Scotland has been attacked and ravaged by major corruption.

Supporters of Scottish independence are galvanized and organizing in a social media group named “Cybernats”.  The video, which is purported to come from a Dundee polling station, shows a counting table at Clackmannanshire.

After the voting results started to come in there was widespread talk about an organized effort to ‘cheat’ the results

A video of a female vote counter appearing to place Yes votes in the No pile at a polling station has led to allegations by Scottish nationalists that the independence referendum was rigged.

Supporters of Scottish independence on social media – dubbed ‘Cybernats’ – have claimed that the video, taken at a Dundee polling station, and an image of a Clackmannanshire counting table show evidence that there was foul play in the election process.

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