Super Smash Brothers Wii U Release Date, November 21st 2014

Above is a Tweet that can forever change the world, well, at least for the next ten decades.  I am not going to jump the gun and give this a ‘confirmed’ tag just yet, but I am going to say that November 21st can be an epic day in history.

Super Smash Brothers release date may be just in time for Thanksgiving goodness, giving you nearly a full week to practice before a  Turkey Day tournament of champions.

While it is confirmed that Megaman will be the most awesome and noble fighter on the game, let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that this image is accurate and true.


What do you think?

Written by Pete McAlister

Humans are the most flawed of all living creatures, but we have the biggest egos.

The next time your ego gets to big, eat some T-bell and feel civilized as you are cleaning your backside an hour later!

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