Obama Is Infecting America’s Children With The EV-D68 Respiratory Mind Control Virus, Same Virus Used By Nixon’s Mind Control Experiments


A sudden outbreak of the deadly EV-D68 respiratory virus has physicians nationwide alarmed, as a record number of cases are flooding into hospitals throughout the Midwest.  The outbreak of the virus coincides with a push by President Barack Obama to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of America’s children.  Parents nationwide should be alarmed because the last time a EV-D68 virus broke out was during the 1960s when then President Richard Nixon used the virus in thought control experiments.

English: US President Richard Nixon and Chines...
During the 1960s, President Richard Nixon had a ‘mind control’ war with the Chinese.  As America rushed to perfect mind control technology, testing on its own citizens lead to an outbreak of the same respiratory virus that is now infecting children all across the Bible Belt states.

Hospitals across the United States are seeing a higher numbers of patients, who seem to be mostly children.

The symptoms these children complain of include fever, respiratory distress and delusional professions of liberal thought.

The last bit alarms doctors, as it seems odd that 6 and 7 year old are sudden praising people like Trotsky and Mao, asking for Obamacare insurance sign ups (even if their parents have provided for them insurance) and most terrifyingly, thanking “Obama” if they feel better during the course of their hospital stay.

Dr. Zaminksi of a community hospital the Bronx warns that the enterovirus that is infecting the children is quite literally the same virus that was used to rewire the brain in such a way that allowed it to be manipulated with genetically engineered commands.

“Just think about it like this.  The human brain is a computer with configurable chemical components.  This virus inserts itself into healthy brain tissue and then delivers a chemical payload that insert false ‘memories and beliefs’ into the victims.”

“The increased fever makes the artificial messages take faster in the brain and burns the chemicals messages into the brain tissue as permanent memories and beliefs.”

Polls show that 96% of the children infected support Barack Obama, further leading to suspicion of something very amiss.  But don’t let the words have to convince you Obama supporters, take a look at this footage and walk by sight:

hey obama leave them kids alone
Obama stands in the middle of a group of young, future Obama voters at an undisclosed location.
victim of obama mind altering virus
Look into the eyes and face of this young child who was infected with Obama’s new respiratory virus. There is something eerie about the eyes, the same crazy, wide-eyed look that all Obama voters seem to always have on their face.
dc charter school
This is an Obama Charter school in an inner-city area. Look at how many children his DoE teachers are able to brainwash in one swoop.


The most striking picture to me is the middle, the face of a child who was just infected by the EV-D68 virus.  At first glance you would think maybe he just had too much marijuana in one sitting, but no, it is the new respiratory virus that is giving him that crazy, wild-eyed Obama expression on his face.

What do you think?

Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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