Christian President Barack Obama Declares War On ISIS

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We will destroy them!

President Barack Obama lead America’s charge against terror this evening.  On the eve of September 11th, President Obama made it quite clear that those who stand against America shall fall before our might.

My eyes filled with joy when I heard President Obama warn everyone who is not American that we “WILL TAKE TIME TO ERADICATE THIS CANCER.”  

Those words reminded me of the glory days when President George W. Bush was our Commander-in-Chief.

My hope is that the inspirational speech tonight inspires our allies to know that you are either with us or against us.  You can stand with ISIS and Russia, spitting in the face of America and invoking our wrath.

Our you can stand like our allies during World War II, helping us destroy evil nations and establish a more peaceful tomorrow for not only ourselves, but our children and generations to come.

I must say this is the first time I have not had anything to complain about on Obama, since he is pretty much admitting President Bush was right all along.

What do you think?

Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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