Queen Elizabeth Prepares England for War with Scotland, “I Will Not Be The Last Queen of Scotland”


Queen Elizabeth II has been seen cruising around England, warning her citizens to prepare for war.  “I will not be the last Queen of Scotland.  Those blimey bastards with their kilt wearing men shall not have their freedom.  They shall serve under my heels,” the Queen Mother warned her grandsons, of whom she has ordered to muster a royal army.

The Mirror UK reports Queen Elizabeth’s behavior is being seen as ‘well warranted and understood’ by the British Parliament.  Latest reports show Scotland’s National Party has gained support, by a margin of 51% to 49%, to lead Scotland in breaking away from the UK and becoming its own independent country.

Members of British Parliament have allegedly bribed key Scots with offers of more power, but so far the bribes are not working.  Every day in Scotland the tide seems to go more in favor of Scotland breaking off to fulfill William Wallace’s dream of a ‘free Scotland’.


The Queen of England has kept a close monitor on the events in Scotland and in ten days time a vote will take place to determine the fate of Scotland.  For those Scottish warriors, be warned.  For the Queen of England is a very tough woman who is no stranger to the game of war.


Queen Elizabeth laughs as rebellious Scottish youths are flogged for sport.



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Written by Abe Goodman

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