Fake Links to Jennifer Lawrence Photos Breaks New Zealand’s Internet

Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet at the 83r...
Jennifer Lawrence is one of many celebrities victimized by a recent leak of private photos.

{adinserter 1}New Zealand has been dealt a small technological disaster as internet users furiously scour for nude photographs of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne and Selena Gomez.  As social media sites such as and have cracked down on “The Fappening” (name given to the picture-leak disaster) the sharing of these photos, many internet users have turned to torrent downloads to get their fill of the illicit photographs.

New reports indicate that file packets purporting to contain these photos actually contain computer viruses and in particular, malicious programming designed to exploit New Zealand’s internet networks.

Officials have blamed New Zealand’s ‘Internet Crash of 2014’ solely on those citizens eagerly searching for the leaked photographs who in their actions, invited malicious software onto their computers that caused an overload to the nation’s Internet network.

“For obvious reasons, clicking on links to ‘naked celebrity’ photos, or opening email attachments would be a very bad idea right now, expect criminals to ride this bandwagon immediately,” it said.

“Our scanning brought to our attention some freshly-concocted schemes targeting those looking for the photos borne from the aforementioned leak.

“The first threat we found hails from Twitter, in the form of a tweet being posted with hashtags that contain the name of one of the leak’s victims – Jennifer Lawrence.”

Trend Micro said users who clicked the link offering to show a video of the actress were directed to download a “video converter” that was actually malicious software.

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Written by Alannah Arrington

Alannah Damara Arrington serves as the Senior Editor for Big American News Media's Grabnews Network International (GNI) and Weekend Recap. She joined the network in 2003 and now serves on the board of media directors.


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