Joan Rivers Blasts Archangel Michael’s “Gaudy Wings”, Already Ruffling Feathers in Heaven

joan rivers angel Not even a full day after arriving to Heaven, Joan Rivers is purportedly ruffling the feathers of the Heaven elite and causing quite a stir.

In a report released to Christians during early morning prayer today, Heaven officials claimed that the Archangel Michael threw a fit last night and had to leave the confines of Heaver after Joan Rivers made fun of his ‘gaudy, disheveled wings that look like they belong in a 70’s smut flick’.

Archangel Michael demanded an immediate apology, but Rivers refused and continued poking fun at the legendary angel.

“Whenever I see I guy wrapping himself in mounds of white feathers, singing beautiful songs and sashaying in the clouds, I think, I bet he likes dabbling keister!  Hello, Pavarotti!  Hello, Freddy Mercury!  Oy vey, it’s getting hot up here!”

Archangel Michael allegedly filed a complaint with God, who ruled in Joan’s favor that the entire fluffy white wings thing is a little ‘suspiciously gay and excessive’ on some angels.  He also told the citizens of Heaven to get used to it, because Joan is going to have an eternity of fun giving them hell for their questionable fashions.

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Written by Abe Goodman

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