Batman v Superman Spoilers – Clark Kent Looks Like Jeff Goldblum, Hunts Down Batman?

As the world waits for Batman v Superman, spoilers about the movie have become my daily hotcakes for many fans.  The latest leaked tidbit comes from the movie set in Detroit.  Warning:  spoilers shall follow.

We can see Cavill’s stunt double outside a police station, in what we can assume is Gotham.  After the events in Man of Steel the world is recovering from presumably its first known battle between superpowered beings.  This lone fact and a trailer that shows Batman watching Zod’s “You Are Not Alone” message lead many fans to believe The Dark Knight would go out, seeking vengeance and justice against any stray Kryptonians left around after the great battle.

But the image above seems to suggest that for some reason, Clark Kent is sleuthing around in Gotham.  What implications does that hold?

For one, it returns Superman to a possible role of super-stalking, which was probably one of my least favorite things about the movie Superman Returns.  And yes, there were many, many things to not like about that movie.



Batman V. Superman May Be More Insanely Depressing





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